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Kinnovate Solutions is a subsidiary of Lucenta Group Pte Ltd. The company serves as the software division for the group. Currently, our focus is in the development of mobile applications for clients. Our skillset covers the areas of iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows Mobile. When Kinnovate was first started, we were involved in the development of websites as well as point of sales systems. Over 3 years, we slowly migrated to focus on our niche areas which was the development of mobile applications. Because of our experience from developing web applications previously, we carried over our experience in Php, MySql, .Net, Java and utilized it in our current focus area. Kinnovate solutions also serves as the research & development arm in new technologies for Lucenta Group Pte Ltd. Some of our past ventures include encryption as well as auction portals.
Iphone Developer


  • iPhone Developer to develop interesting projects for MNCs.
  • Requirements
  • Singaporeans and PR only.
  • Local diploma holders may apply.
  • Candidate needs to have solid understanding of objective oriented programming.
  • Flash and action script background is a plus.
  • Good working attitude and willing to work long hours to complete the job on time.

Please email resume's with photo attached to hr@kinnovate.com

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