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Web / User Interface Developer (Junior and Senior)

Siku-Siku started as a web user interface development company. We design websites, build custom interfaces (e.g. web form inputs / controls), code newsletters, and customize content management system (CMS) themes. All of these with the main focus on accessibility, usability, and user experience. So, our user-friendly deliverables are – and must be – compatible across all targeted browsers (and email clients, in case of newsletter); with the main goal of providing the best possible user experience. We are also steadily moving into the mobile world, where accessibility, usability, and user experience are as important as, if not more than, on the web. In terms of the team, we are a small group of HTML/CSS/JavaScript experts, graphic designers, and user interface / experience (UI/UX) designers. Our clients are startup companies in the Bay Area, California.
We are currently looking to add a UI Developer to join our new team in Jakarta (we consciously keep our team small). This is a specialized position that requires a full depth understanding of any related front-end web engineering. It’ll be a great exposure to work directly with some Silicon Valley startups.

Web / User Interface Developer (Junior and Senior)


  • Implement web pages from scratch with HTML / CSS / JavaScript. The design will be provided in Photoshop comps
  • Create customized user interface (UI) elements e.g. pull-down menu, radio button, lightbox. This requires strong understanding of HTML / CSS / JavaScript
  • Fix bugs that are related to HTML / CSS / JavaScript and browser incompatibility, which might have been written by other developers or legacy code
  • Document (as a blog post) any interesting findings while working on those three items above

Required Experience:

  • Strong understanding of HTML / CSS / JavaScript (jQuery): produce web pages exactly as designed in the PSD comp
  • Deep understanding of browser technologies and limitations (e.g. rounded corners in IE, CSS3 support, etc.)
  • Versed in CSS techniques and tricks (e.g. sliding doors with transparent background, clearfix hack, sprite, etc.)
  • Thorough knowledge of newsletter implementation (e.g. which constructs are “safe” for majority of email clients)
  • Skillful in generating web-ready images from PSD files

Desired Experience:
Familiarity with version control system (we use git)
WordPress theme development experience
Understanding and appreciation of web usability and accessibility

Excellent problem solving and debugging skills
Proven ability to deliver projects on time
Good communication skills in English, both verbal and written
Willingness to learn and to teach
Design skill is a big plus

BS in Computer Science or equivalent

Competitive, based on experience

How to Apply:

  • Send an email to moey@siku-siku.com and include the following:
  • Latest CV / resume
  • Expected salary
  • Most recent photo (social network profiles are also acceptable)
  • Contact info (phone and/or email)
  • “UI Developer” as the email subject
  • Indicate whether you’re applying for the Junior or Senior position, depending on your self-assessed experience


  1. During the interview, you are required to demonstrate that you have the aforementioned experience. For example:
  2. When do you (not) use HTML tables?
  3. HTML: What are the differences between quirks and strict mode? What are their implications to your design?
  4. HTML: When do you use <h1> vs. <p> vs. <span> vs. <div>?
  5. CSS: When do you use float vs. absolute positioning?
  6. CSS: When do you need to set the z-index?
  7. jQuery: What are the difference between the built-in JavaScript this keyword and $(this)?
  8. jQuery: Write a simple script to show / hide a DOM element every 2 seconds.

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