Rabu, 14 September 2011


PT. Qdc Technologies is a construction company focus on telecommunication projects.  We have a lot of customers from almost telecommunication operators in Indonesia.  To enlarge our business, we need to recruit good people like you.  Now we open an opportunity for you to join us as:


  • Work performed will typically include a combination of activities and/or behaviors exemplified by the following:
  • Manage all functions of accounting in data processing & financial information to produce financial report that needed by company accurately & on schedule.
  • Coordinate & control planning, reporting, & payment of tax obligation of company so that be efficient, accurate, on schedule, & align with government regulation.
  • Plan, coordinate & control company cash flow, especially management of debit & credit, so it can ascertain the availability of company operational fund & the healthy of financial condition.
  • Plan & coordinate company budgeting, & control the budget usage to ascertain the fund usage effectively & efficiently in supporting company operational activities.
  • Plan & coordinate development of system & procedure of finance & accounting, and control the implementation to ascertain all process & financial transaction runs well & order, and reduce financial risk.
  •  Coordinate, plan & financial analyze to provide input from financial side for company leader in decision making for business matter, either for investment need, expansion, operational or other financial condition.
  • Plan & coordinate company’s taxation to ascertain the efficiency of cost & obedience toward tax regulation.


  • Having educational background minimum bachelor degree in accounting
  • Good understanding of accounting standard system in Indonesia.
  • 5 years of experience in managing company financial, especially in telecommunication industry
  • Knowledge about financial & accounting system (computerize)
  • Understand about taxation
  • Understand about treasury
  • Strategic thinking
  • Analytical thinking

For those who meets the qualification as we mention above, very welcome to apply the position.

Please submit your resume to: hr@qdc.co.id

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